There Were 137 Oil Spills in the US in 2018

The global oil spill management market size was worth 131.16 billion in 2015.

Increasing safety concerns coupled with rising figure of oil spill incidents globally

over the last few years is expected to drive the global market over the next nine

years. A significant increase in the onshore and offshore drilling activities has led to

the growth in oil & gas transportation and environmental concerns.

Growth in oil & gas transportation through tanker and pipelines along with tough

government safety guidelines are anticipated to positively impact the global oil spill

management industry. Major industry players are engaged in investing a huge

amount in R&D. This is expected to build tremendous opportunities and result in

industry expansion over the forecast period.

The Industrial Absorbents Market worth $4.7 billion by 2023

The product is environmentally friendly as it is processed from biomass. It has high contaminate absorption capacity and great recycle ability by re-activation. The product can be an effective cleanup media for chemical and oil spills in water receptors as well as for clean-up of similar spills in dry surface areas. With the continual growth of clean-up cost for other approaches, the product allows a highly desirable alternative to current clean-up methods to achieve the same end state clean-up standards with much reduced cost.




Upon contact EnviroMAC immediately absorbs oil and chemicals.



The EnviroMAC attracts, absorbs and binds oil or chemicals upon contact so

it can be extracted from the environment.



EnviroMAC is produced using renewable bio-mass waste


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